La Patron, the Alphas Alpha rules the Knight

A wolf shifter series from the desk of Sydney Addae

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Sword of Justice is the third and final book in La Patron's Sword series. With encouragement from Silas and Jasmine, Asia, Hawke and Damian continue the search for information regarding Asia's past. Their journey takes a series of twists and turns they never expected. Get your copy today!

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La Patron Family

Silas and Jasmine have, between them, seven kids, (Cameron included) three daughter-in-laws, a mother and father-in-law and a host of close friends living in their West Virginia compound. Take a few minutes and get to know them, you'll be glad you did!

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Knight Chronicles is a newsletter with personal messages from La Patron, character profiles, new releases, giveaways and more! Lots going on in the Nation and you want to be ahead of the crowd.

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